DSSO projects

August 16, 2014

MOCHA: Models of Child Health Appraised

Funding Organization: European Commission – Horizon2020 (PHC-23: Personalising health and care; Topic: Developing and comparing new models for safe and efficient, prevention oriented health and care systems)

Laboratory Role: Research Partner

Project duration: 2015-2019

Project Website: not available yet

Total Budget: 6.800.000 Euros





NeReLa: Building Network of Remote Labs for Strengthening University-Vocational Schools Collaboration

Funding Organization: European Commission – Tempus Program (543667-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPHES)

Laboratory Role: Research Partner

Project duration: 2014-2016

Project Website: http://www.nerela.kg.ac.rs/

Total Budget: 800.000 Euros





i-DESME: Interdisciplinary Design of Sheduling Decision Support Systems for Cypriot SMEs

Funding Organization: Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation: i-DESME (MHXAN-0609(BIE)-05

Laboratory Role: Project Coordinator

Project duration: 2011-2013

Project Website: http://www.idesme.com/

Total Budget: 170.000 Euros







HOPS: Human and Organizational Factors in Production Planning and Scheduling

Funding Organization: European Commission – COST Action A29

Laboratory Role: Research Partner

Project duration: 2004-2008

Project Websitehttp://www.cost.eu/COST_Actions/isch/Actions/A29

Total Budget: 4.5 Million Euros


IMPRESS logo-4




IMPRESS: Improving Preparedness and Response of Health Services in Major Crises

Funding Organization: European Commission  – FP7 Security

Laboratory Role: Project Partner

Project duration: 2014-2017

Project Website:http://fp7-impress.eu/

Total Budget: 4.7 Million Euros